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About us


Helvetia Packaging AG was formed in 2013 by Rolf Ostmann with the aim to establish an independent supplier of beverage packaging.

Headquarters Root (CH) and
Production Facility in Saarlouis (D)

After establishing company headquarters in Root in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne to perform central functions such as senior management, purchasing, sales, finance, accounting and controlling Helvetia acquired land in 2014 located on a newly established industrial park called Lisdorfer Berg in Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany, where a production facility for 2-piece (can body and end) aluminium beverage cans was to be built.

Beverage Cans and Ends from Aluminium

Two production lines, a can line and an end line, have been supplied by Stolle Machinery Company (LLC), the market leader in can making technology. Stolle did not just deliver a turnkey plant solution but also trained new employees and also comprehensively supported and advised Helvetia Packaging AG during the setting up of the business.

Construction of Helvetia’s first can and end plant

Construction of the new plant commenced on 17.07.2014 on the greenfield site of Lisdorfer Berg. The topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 05.11.2014 and on 09.03.2015 installation of can making equipment commenced. On 19.06.2015 the first pallet of ends was produced, on 12.08.2015 the first pallet of 33cl cans and on 04.04.2016 the first pallet of 50cl cans.

State of the art

Not only is the building new but also all of the machines are.  No used or refurbished equipment or parts have been integrated into either one of the production lines.  State of the art production methods ensure efficient processes and high quality products.  The modern machines are also optimised with regard to consumption of electricity, gas and water.

Can Line

Our modern high speed line with decorators capable of eight colour printing as well as integrated camera systems and light testers for quality control enables in interaction with our SAP ERP a flexible response to our customers’ needs as well as quick reaction to short notice delivery requirements and simultaneous fulfillment of the highest quality demands. The manufactured can body can be finished according to customer requirements and packed on all common pallet formats.

End Line

Our end line makes use of high-speed systems of the latest generation as well.  In accordance with market development we have decided for the CDL standard.  Several control systems and high speed cameras ensure all requirements are met.  Therefore safe filling is guaranteed at our customers’ locations.  Industrial robots take care of an efficient handling of the shells as well as of fully automated packaging and palletizing of the finished converted end.

Production without use of Bisphenol A

Currently Helvetia Packaging AG produces 33cl and 50cl aluminium beverage cans on a convertible production line as well as aluminium beverage can ends with around 150 employees at Lisdorfer Berg.  Maximum capacity is around 1.2 billion cans and ends per year.  Total production from start to finish exclusively adheres to BPA-NI standard.


Our offerings have been well received by the market from the very beginning. Within the short time of our existence we have already been recognised as a reliable alternative and have been able to supply various notable European beverage producers and fillers. We will continue to convince our existing and hopefully many new customers in the future of our capabilities and our competitiveness.